Welcome to TMS 2.0

We have developed TMS 2.0 to better serve our customers with the enhanced security and functionalities. The following provides a brief overview of the key enhancements and new features built in TMS 2.0.

  • Import Watchlist: You can save your import container#(s) as watchlist and retrieve them with just one click.
  • Email Notification: TMS 2.0 automatically sends you the email notification when the certain events occurred to the container(s) on your import watchlist.
  • Notification Setting: You can turn on or off the email notification by selecting the event(s) you want to be notified.
  • Export Watchlist: Allows you to save your export booking#(s) as watchlist. Currently, email notification is not available for export booking(s).
  • api REST APIs: We provide REST APIs for your application to communicate with TMS 2.0. Go to Your Name > API Terms of Use to find out more.
TMS 2.0 requires every user to register by clicking the Register link located at the top right corner of this site. Existing TMS user account created by the previous version will not work. Please create new one on this site. You can name your TMS 2.0 User Name as you like as long as it is unique in the system.

TMS is a web extension of our TOS (Terminal Operation System) to provide a direct access to the terminal data such as;

  • Vessel Schedule
  • Import Container Availability
  • Pay Online for Demurrage/Exam Fee
  • Export Booking Inquiry
  • Gate Transaction and Gate Ticket
  • Equipment Event History
  • ACH Authorization for eCheck
  • Payment History and Receipt
Click Register link located at the top right corner of this screen, and follow the instruction. To complete registration, you will need one recent (approximately within the last 90 days) B/L or Booking number for each shipping line you want to have access. This is necessary for us to verify that you have a legitimate business with those shipping lines. Once you have successfully registered, you will receive the email confirming your receipt by clicking the link embedded in the email message. You must complete this confirmation process before you first log in.
You can pay demurrage and exam fee online with your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) or eCheck (Electronic Check). After Log-in, go to Import > Container Availability to find your container's due amount. You then select the container(s) to pay online.

We accept payments in cash from driver at our on-dock office, or in paper check via mail.
Please make checks payable to and mail to:

International Transportation Service, LLC.
1281 Pier G Way,
Long Beach, CA 90802-6353